“My aim is to capture the essence of a brand and make it visible to its audience.”

Wie? Who?

Wim Gombeer & Marloes Seegers vormen Seegers Gombeer Vormgeving bvba. Vanaf september 1991 maken wij onze opdrachtgevers blij met creatieve & onderscheidende ontwerpen. Van grafische ontwerp tot interactieve media en fotografie.

Marloes Seegers & Wim Gombeer, the Dutch-Belgian duo behind Seegers Gombeer Vormgeving, have been stretching the definition of typical graphic design for more than 20 years. Working with slightly obscure an subtly bizarre elements, their design perspective draws its influence from film, experimental photography, typography and everyday life’s idiosyncrasies. Besides frequently collaborating with larger firms, Seegers Gombeer Vormgeving work also for music and cultural sectors


Seegers Gombeer Vormgeving bvba

Diestersteenweg 51, B-3970 Leopoldsburg

T. +32 11 45 17 38 
E. info@seegersgombeer.be